Power Take Off Chippers - Timberwolf [D]

Timberwolf [D]


Power Take Off Chippers

The Rest Of The Pack

Timberwolf PTO- power take off woodchippers are suitable for estates, local authorities, golf courses, contractors and farmers, in fact anyone who has a tractor or power unit to drive this machine.

  • TW PTO/150H Chipper

    Power Take Off Hydraulic Feed Chipper

    A perfect match for your compact tractor

    • 152mm (6”) cutting performance
    • Total weight 400Kg
    • Self-contained Hydraulics
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  • TW PTO/100G Chipper

    Power Take Off Gravity Feed Wood Chipper

    An ideal companion suited to your estate life

    • 100mm (4”) cutting performance
    • Total weight 268Kg
    • 3-Point Linkage not required
    • Positive blade feed
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