Timberwolf TW PTO/100G Wood Chipper

This is a versatile wood chipper well-suited to estate life. With a low centre of gravity, easy tow chassis and good ground clearance this machine has a positive blade feed action and large feed funnel, as well as the ability to quickly process 75mm to 100mm (3″-4″) diameter material at up to 1.5 tonnes per hour.

The PTO/100G wood chipper has been designed for use by the medium to large estate and landscape gardener who has access to a compact tractor with a 6-spline 540rpm power-take-off shaft.

Ideally suited to tractors from 21hp to 35hp, it will easily tackle branches from 75mm (3″) to 100mm (4″) diameter, depending on tractor horsepower. The machine is fitted to a ‘slow tow’ chassis and does not require the use of the three point linkage.