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  • Service & Support

    Timberwolf provides the highest quality of service through a committed dealership network throughout UK and Europe. Each partner has significant experience within the Tree Care, Landscaping, Hire, Estate and Infrastructure industries. With this experienced partnership network, you will always get expert help – whether you are choosing a new product or leaving your existing machine in for repair or service.

    Your Timberwolf dealer doesn’t just help you choose the right machine, they also walk you through the features and controls until you are completely comfortable with how your Timberwolf works. They will also keep your machine running like new with a maintenance plan that is tailored to your exact requirements.

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  • Parts

    Your Timberwolf starts life fully equipped with Timberwolf original parts, each designed to fit and perform perfectly with the other. To maintain the safety and performance of your machine it’s important to continue using spares of the same high quality standards.

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  • Warranty

    All Timberwolf parts and accessories come with peace of mind built in. Our no-nonsense warranty is your guarantee of your Timberwolf product not letting you down.

    Please ensure you register your machine with your dealer to ensure you are eligible for the full Timberwolf warranty period.

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  • Finance

    A comprehensive range of reliable and transparent finance options are available to suit the specific needs of your business.*

    *Not available in all countries. For further details, contact your local Dealer.

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  • FAQS

    Frequently asked questions about Timberwolf.

    I have been made aware that there are more secondhand Timberwolf chippers for sale than any other make. Why is this?

    With over 11,000 chippers sold over our 30-years history, Timberwolf chippers are extremely popular with companies looking to purchase a machine in the secondhand market.We regularly see exceptional second hand values achieved for our pre-owned machines…

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  • Manuals

    View our full range of Timberwolf manuals.

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