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About Timberwolf

Leading the pack for 30 years

Timberwolf specialises in the manufacture of professional wood chippers. We have come a long way since our first wood chipper was introduced over 30 years ago. Today, and over 14,000 machines later, Timberwolf has succeeded in becoming the largest seller of commercial wood chippers in the UK and continues to grow globally.

Unparalleled experience and value for money

With our innovative research and design process we continue to set new levels of performance and quality within the industry.

Leading performance and best residual value makes Timberwolf the undisputed best value for money machine in the market.

Timberwolf TW 230DHB Road Tow Wood Chippers in Factory

The wolves are out there

Timberwolf provides the highest quality of service through a committed dealership network throughout the UK and Europe. All of our dealers are able to provide local expert advice and support, quickly and efficiently, as and when required.