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Power Take Off Wood Chippers

The Rest Of The Pack

Timberwolf Power Take Off (PTO ) wood chippers are suitable for large estates, local authorities, golf courses, contractors and farmers. Our range of PTO powered wood chippers can be used with tractors from 18 hp to 60 hp.

  • TW PTO/150H Chipper

    Power Take Off Hydraulic Feed Wood Chipper

    A perfect match for your compact tractor

    • 152mm (6”) cutting performance
    • Total weight 400Kg
    • Self-contained hydraulics
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  • TW PTO/100G Chipper

    Power Take Off Gravity Feed Wood Chipper

    An ideal companion suited to your estate life

    • 100mm (4”) cutting performance
    • Total weight 268Kg
    • 3-Point Linkage not required
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