Perfect Partners – Timberwolf and Bartlett Tree Experts


Timberwolf is the perfect partner for leading tree surgeons Bartlett Tree Experts, helping the company to fulfil prestigious contracts nationwide.

With depots from Kent to Yorkshire, Bartlett Tree Experts specialises in tree and shrub care services for private and domestic clients, offering – as the name implies – expertise in operations from planting to pruning and felling.

Bartlett Tree Services began using Timberwolf wood chippers some five years ago, purchasing three TW 150 6” chippers from Authorised Timberwolf Dealer Green Plant, since superseded and joined in the fleet by the latest TW 230DHB models.

“With Timberwolf, we get quality machines that precisely meet our needs and give the results and reliability that is essential for our clients. We can’t afford to have a machine break down or block, and by using Timberwolf wood chippers we can be confident that we can go on site and always get the job done to the highest of standards.”

This versatile chipper is the mainstay of the fleet, handling woody shrubs, tree prunings from thinning or reduction operations, hedge cuttings and leafy material. The TW 230DHB has a wider 230 x 160mm infeed opening, easily handling branched material and reducing the amount of snedding required, boosting work rates and giving a throughput of five tonnes per hour. “This makes the operation much quicker and is especially useful on roadside work, where we need to be swift and efficient,” comments Mr Biggs.

In addition to being highly productive, the TW 230DHB also offers an impressive power to weight ratio at less than 750kg, allowing towing behind a 3.5 tonne truck on its braked axle road chassis. “We always use experienced drivers, but the light weight of the chipper avoids the need to take an additional test, which is so much more convenient. The TW 230DHB also tows really well and is very stable on the road,” he says. “A further benefit is that it is light and manoeuvrable enough to be manhandled into a smaller garden if necessary.”

Yet the 35hp Kubota diesel engine means that the TW 230DHB is always on top of the job.
“It is plenty powerful enough to tackle all work that we put in front of it,” says Mr Biggs.

Simplicity of operation is cited as a major plus, allowing new operators to quickly get to grips with the wood chipper, which is controlled via two easy-to-use paddles on both sides of the hopper.

For more demanding jobs, Bartlett Tree Experts turns to the 7.5” capacity TW 190, working with the company’s 6.2 and 7.5 tonne trucks and for work in more rural areas, the tracked TW 230VTR gives the stability and traction to chip on rough or wet terrain.
The tracked machine is also highly versatile – it can be operated from its purpose-built trailer at a worksite that does not require the tracks,” he comments

Mr Biggs comments that it is ideal to be able to call on Timberwolf for a wide range of machines to suit a variety of applications. “Not only does using a single brand give us commonality for parts and servicing, it means that we have to call in an operator from a different depot to operate a machine, the controls will be familiar to him for safe and efficient operation from day one.”

The machines have proved highly popular with the operators. “New employees all know and like the Timberwolf wood chippers so it is a plus when they join us, and they look forward to using them.

“We have access to very good back-up, which we have not found with other brands,” comments Mr Biggs. “That said, the machines are so reliable they rarely need attention – they just need blades and fuel.”

Bartlett Tree Experts’ busy workload and high standards mean that the machines are well cared for – with six-monthly services, daily pre-use checks and recorded weekly safety checks. Mr Biggs suggests that machines are normally replaced after eight years. “They have plenty of life left in them, and we know that we can be confident of high resale values for Timberwolf machines as it is such a renowned brand in the industry.”

Continuing developments at Timberwolf means that the machines are always progressing, helping contractors as their needs change, and he adds: “We would look to the latest TW 280TDHB when replacing the TW 190s – it has the same engine, but like the TW 230s has a wider in-feed opening, which will be of benefit.”

“Timberwolf wood chippers are machines that we know we can rely on to perform, day-in, day-out and that’s key to the high level of service that our customers expect from us.”