Summer Maintenance Checks for Wood Chippers

Chip screen cleaning

One important thing to remember is to keep your chip screen and make sure its clear of debris ahead of every use – this will help reduce risk of any problems.

Radiator coolant mixture

Keep your radiator coolant mixture topped up to the correct level, this will make sure your machine is running perfectly during the warmer months.

Keep bearings, towhead and topslide greased

Grease points

As stated in your owners manual, remember to grease your bearings and towhead after every use, as well as the topslide – this means your Timberwolf will be ready for its next job.

Our centralised greasing points make this a quick and easy job!

Blade condition

It’s important to keep your blades in a good condition as this can impact the performance of your wood chipper. Blades should be sharpened after every 25 hours of use, and this can be undertaken by your local Timberwolf dealer.

Belt tension

Belt tensioning can be a big issue if your wood chipper isn’t maintained properly, it’s imperative to make sure belts are tensioned correctly – you can find this information in your owners manual.

Tyre pressure

Keep an eye on your tyre pressure and condition, this could fluctuate in extreme weather conditions. Check your manual for correct tyre pressure for your machine.

Use genuine Timberwolf parts

The best way to keep your Timberwolf running smoothly is to use genuine spare parts – this can be purchased directly from your local Dealer; online, over the phone or in store.

Storing your Timberwolf

Where you store your wood chipper overnight, or when it’s not in use, can have a big impact on your machine. By keeping your machine covered or in a sheltered area like a garage or storage unit to protect it from the elements, will help improve the life of your machine.


Book in for a service

Remember your wood chipper needs to be serviced annually after its initial first 50 hours. Book your service today with your local Timberwolf authorised dealer.


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