Winter Maintenance Checks for Wood Chippers

Check out our top tips to keep your Timberwolf wood chipper performing at its best during the winter months…  

Tyre pressure

Keep an eye on your tyre pressure and condition, the fluctuation in weather temperatures could lead to issues. Check your manual for correct tyre pressure for your machine.  

Clean lights

Ensure lights are clean and functioning correctly for those early starts and late finishes in the dark to ensure you remain legal.  

Throttle cable checks 

Lubricate with WD40

It is important to keep the throttle cable well lubricated during the colder months to stop damage or breakage – you should check this daily. 

You can do this by removing the red plug from below the throttle lever and use WD40, or a similar product, to lubricate the cable. 

If you feel resistance, then don’t force it.  

Radiator coolant mixture

Check the radiator coolant mixture to make sure it is not frozen, if the mixture is too weak then you may suffer problems and damage to your engine in colder conditions. Ensure that your radiator coolant the correct grade/mix specified for your machine and filled to the correct level. 

Keep bearings & towhead greased  

Grease points

We know it is already part of your daily maintenance check but making sure your centralised greasing point is maintained during extreme weather conditions will make starting up your machine in the morning a lot smoother.  

You can find your wood chipper manual here.

Blade condition

It’s important to maintain sharp blade edges to keep your Timberwolf working at its best. Contact your local Timberwolf dealer for blade sharpening services.

Belt tension


Keep an eye on the belt tension of your Timberwolf, and tension belts as per operator manual specification when necessary.  

Use genuine Timberwolf parts 

In need of spare parts for your Timberwolf? Contact your local authorised Timberwolf dealer for genuine spare parts to keep your wood chipper performing at its best. 

Storing your Timberwolf 

To protect your Timberwolf from the worst of the winter weather, opt for keeping it covered or in a sheltered area like a garage or storage unit during a cold snap if possible.  

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