SP Landscapes Invest in Industry First Hybrid Wood Chipper

After a successful launch in September, Timberwolf are proud to announce that local tree surgery company, SP Landscapes, have become the first owners of the TW 280HB HYBRID wood chipper. 

SP Landscapes, based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, purchased the TW 280HB HYBRID at the end of October from their local Timberwolf Dealer, Ben Burgess, making them the first owners of a Hybrid wood chipper in the world.  

“We had our first machine, known then as an Entec chipper in 1996,” Steve Pammenter, owner of SP Landscapes recalls “We’ve always had a close relationship with Ben Burgess and Timberwolf, who have always helped to ensure we get the best out of our machines. 

Because our workload is so diverse we need a good mix of machines and this new hybrid machine is the perfect addition to our fleet. It will enable us to minimise our emissions and go greener in areas such as Cambridge without compromising our workload or performance.” 

SP Landscapes TW 280HB HYBRID

SP Landscapes have owned Timberwolf machines for almost 25 years including one of the original Entec Industry ‘Chippit’ wood chippers. The TW 280HB HYBRID will join their current fleet of mixed 6” & 8” road tow and tracked Timberwolf wood chippers.  

Sales and Marketing Director at Timberwolf, Guy Marshlain said: “We’re thrilled that, through Ben Burgess, SP Landscapes have extended their fleet with the TW 280HB HYBRID. An increasing number of companies are looking to reduce emissions and the TW 280HB HYBRID is a step towards this.  It’s also particularly exciting for our first machine sale to be completed locally – we look forward to seeing the TW 280HB HYBRID across the East Anglian region.” 



Developed to meet a growing need within the industry, the TW 280HB HYBRID wood chipper is perfect for companies and organisations who are committed to minimising their emissions and fuel usage whilst not compromising on performance. 

Group Arb Specialist at Ben Burgess, Louis Phillippo said “With Timberwolf we have had a fantastic opportunity to present our customers with the very first and only diesel hybrid chipper on the market. We’ve had great confidence in this machine since the first viewing, which has encouraged our team to order and sell the very first machine in the world. Bringing hope of a greener future and follow the Timberwolf ethos of eliminating all emissions from our industry.” 

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