Timberwolf at Executive Hire Show 2023

Timberwolf will be exhibiting at the Executive Hire Show on Wednesday 8th – Thursday 9th February at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

You’ll find Timberwolf on stand D20 where we will be exhibiting one of our most popular hire machines, the TW 13/75G along with our industry leading TW 280HB HYBRID wood chipper.


Developed to meet a growing need in the industry, the TW 280HB HYBRID offers peak power of 62hp with Kubota Super Mini Series engine emission levels. Easy to maintain, the TW 280HB HYBRID wood chipper is ideal for companies who are committed to minimising their emissions and fuel usage without compromising on performance.  

TW 280HB HYBRID is one of our most powerful wood chippers to date, making it the perfect wood chipper for the most challenging of jobs.  


  • Class-leading peak power of 62hp (46.3kW) 
  • Kubota D902-TE4, 24.8hp (18.5kW), turbo diesel engine  
  • Swift recharging capability, SECH supercapacitors provide additional energy when required  
  • Maintenance-free, 37.3hp (27.8kW) generator synchronous motor (GMS) and supercapacitors  
  • All electrical components rated to IP68  

TW 13/75G 

The Timberwolf TW 13/75G is compact and robust, boasting a fast work rate in a class all of its own. Powered by an efficient Honda 13hp petrol engine, the TW 13/75G is designed to work all day, every day with low running costs. Its impressive chipping capability and 3” cutting performance makes it a superb wood chipper despite its smaller size.  

With a width of 800mm, the TW 13/75GS is ideal for those jobs in hard-to-reach places, you can easily manoeuvre this wood chipper through a tight garden gate access.  

This gravity fed chipper uses a strong self-feed action produced by ‘positive blade feed’ incorporated in the feed funnel and blade design to make infeed grip exceptional.  


  • Processing throughput of up to 0.75 tonnes/hr  
  • 13hp Honda petrol engine  
  • 75 mm infeed opening (3” inch cutting performance) 
  • Positive blade feed 
  • Easy maintenance and servicing accessibility  
  • 1x Single sided blade 
  • Timberwolf reliability and simplicity built-in  
TW 13/75G

All Timberwolf wood chippers come with 3-year warranty as standard.

Timberwolf owners also have access to the highest quality of service and support, with a network of over 30 dealer depots across the UK and over 250 trained technicians ready to offer expert advice as well as spares and technical support.

We look forward to seeing you at Executive Hire Show!