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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been made aware that there are more second-hand Timberwolf wood chippers for sale than any other make. Why is this?

With over 15,000 wood chippers sold over our 30-years history, Timberwolf wood chippers are extremely popular with companies looking to purchase a machine in the second-hand market. We regularly see exceptional second-hand values achieved for our pre-owned machines. This is largely due to the ease with which our machines can be maintained and the widely available supply of spares through the UK`s most comprehensive wood chipper sales and service dealer network.

Look after your Timberwolf – it really is worth it in the long run!

Why do some wood chippers have top safety bars and others have safety bars fitted to the bottom of the feed funnel?

This is to do with CE compliance and reach distances. If the feed funnel or feed tray are under 600mm off the ground, then the machine has to be fitted with a bar that surrounds the sides and top of the feed funnel. If the funnel or tray is over 600mm off the ground, then the sides and bottom of the tray have to be protected by the bar. We think that the safest system is with the bar around the sides and bottom. Other manufacturers seem to be following suit!

I am confused by how different wood chipper manufacturers quote their feed mouth openings – can you help?

So are we! It is generally perceived the wider the feed opening, then the bigger the material the machine can handle. Therefore, some competitors are quoting the throat size at the end of the feed funnel nearest the blades. This has no bearing on what size the machine can handle as that is dictated by how big the opening is between the feed rollers.

Unless the feed roller maximum opening is being quoted, ignore these figures for comparison purposes.

European Whole Vehicle Type Approval - What does it mean to me?

Legislation became mandatory from 29th October 2012 for all Road Tow machines and vehicles to be homologated, therefore our customers can be assured that conformity has been achieved here at Timberwolf.

All machines sold by us and our dealers now hold a Certificate of Conformity as part of the homologation process.

We have invested a considerable amount of resource, time and money into the lengthy compliance procedure, with numerous tests and adaptations being made to the Road Tow machines to ensure that they are still of the optimum performance and quality, whilst also improving safety on the road.

The improvements include new rain flaps, anti-trap bars and reflectors, plus some less visible changes such as the VIN number stamped into the chassis, and are designed to comply with the new legislation.

From 29th October 2012, no Road Tow vehicle or trailer will be able to be sold without a Certificate of Conformity, therefore, our customers can be assured that we’re at the forefront of this crucial legislation.

Why does a Timberwolf have two sound stickers?

As required by the Supply of Machinery (safety) regulations 2008, all chippers MUST have a decal showing the maximum decibel level that can be achieved by the machine.

This is called the sound power absolute reading and is the required decibel reading that has to be reported on the machine. It is a technical requirement to obtain this reading and it has been known for some competitors to record and report the average decibel reading which is a much lower figure.

We show both figures so people can make their decisions based on like-for-like information.

How do Timberwolf build my machine?

We start the process long before any metal is cut, even before any designs are drawn.

The first port of call is you, our customers. We regularly ask for feedback from existing users, we study wear patterns, spares sales patterns and if there are any things that several customers suggest. Only once we have understood your needs do we start the process of designing and building the next generation of class-leading Timberwolf machines. We design, test, refine. The benefits are clear in the performance and longevity of our products.

I`ve heard that I can register my Timberwolf machine. Why do Timberwolf encourage that?

In order to ensure that you receive the very highest levels of service we like to be able to contact you should we need to. We keep a register of machines and regularly work with other organisations to help prevent theft or resale of stolen machines. As with vehicles, a proven track record of ownership and service history (by trained engineers) only helps to retain value in your machine.

I am looking to buy a second-hand Timberwolf wood chipper. Can you check the serial number?

If you are not buying a second-hand Timberwolf through an Authorised Timberwolf dealer, you can call us on 01449 765800 and we will check the serial number against our systems.

My Timberwolf has been stolen. Do you need to know?

To help prevent the sale of stolen machines, please call us on 01449 765800 with your serial number to report the machine as stolen, in addition to contacting the police and your insurance.